Project Planning

Engaging an experienced Owner Representative to assist with early planning is one of the most important phases of any project. During the early planning of your project, key decisions are made which have a direct relation to the success of your project. Buying the right piece of land or existing building, obtaining local and state permits, choosing your construction delivery method, obtaining the best financing are some of the most important early decisions of a project. Having an experienced advisor assisting you at this stage of a project is essential.

Property Inspections/Condition Assessment

We offer inspection and assessments of all property types, including: Multi-family housing, educational, religious, retail, office buildings, industrial, manufacturing, etc. These assessments may be required for pre-purchase, refinancing, space leasing, or as part of your annual preventative maintenance of the property. These inspections are recommended prior to purchasing any property. Inspections can include the entire property or any specific area of need. We are able to adjust our services to meet your specific needs or the needs of your clients.
The assessment includes a complete review of the site, building exterior, interior elements, mechanicals and electrical systems. Also included are reviews of maintenance history records and interviews with building personnel. Each component of the property is reviewed, evaluated, photographed, and documented.
Our property condition reports include a detailed description of the “as inspected” condition of each component. The report also contains any issues or defects found to exist with the property. Any issues or defects reported will also contain recommended actions to be taken to remedy the problem or prevent further damage to the property.
Cost to Cure Budgets:
From the property inspection and condition assessment, we are able to form Cost to Cure budget estimates of any deficiencies recorded. This budget provides an estimate of the costs to repair or replace the problems found during the inspection. These estimates are helpful in allowing our clients to form capital improvement plans and/or complete the repairs in the proper fashion.
Replacement Reserve Study:
This study is based on the findings in the condition assessment and report on future component replacement costs. These costs can be multiplied by estimated inflation rates to determine the amount of reserve capital required for the specific issue. Major component repairs or replacements never happen at a good time, but with proper planning, those items can be completed with less impact to your reserve funds.

Project Budgeting and Estimating

Initial project budgeting and estimating is probably the most important part of the pre-construction phase. An accurate project budget is the foundation to your successful construction project. It is also when poor decisions can have the largest cost impact in your project. Included in this service is not only a detailed financial picture of the physical construction costs, but also the additional costs that must be included in your overall project budget.
Our greatest influence into the final construction costs come at this pre-construction phase when the owner’s actual cost is minimal but each decision carries the largest cost impact. We have the ability to provide an accurate budget estimate at every phase of the design and development of the project. We provide preliminary budgets that are constantly updated as the design evolves and decisions are made. This allows the client to have a good financial picture of the project well before a shovel is put to the ground. Thus preventing the bid day “sticker shock” and the need for last minute scope cutting. We also work very closely with the design team to ensure what is designed falls within the project budget.
You will see in this cost influence curve that the greatest cost impact in the construction project comes at the pre-construction phases. Once construction begins, cost saving measures become less and less achievable.

Assemble of the Project Team

Assembling your best team plays a vital role in a project's success. Hiring team members with the right experience and knowledge will pay dividends throughout the project. We have a large network of partners with proven track records ready to assist you. Brokers, lenders, designers, engineers, contractors, furniture and equipment, security, testing and inspections to name a few. We organize and direct the team throughout the project to ensure your needs are exceeded at all times.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies can include inspections and reviews of existing facilities, or programming and budgeting of new facilities. In some cases, it may be both. A common feasibility study is one that compares renovating and adding to an existing facility versus building a new one which includes all the space needed. These studies can also determine which of several properties will meet the client’s needs with the least cost impact. Whether building or renovation, the feasibility study is a cost effective way to determine the best solution for your particular need without wasting a large amount of time or money on cost prohibitiv

Architectural Design/Construction Document Reviews

Construction document review services are designed to check and report any errors, omissions, or inconsistencies within design documents. This service is of particular interest to the design professional looking for an independent eye to review documents before they are made available to owners and contractors. There are many benefits to this service, all of which are guaranteed to save the design professional and client time and money. Also during this review, constructability issues are reported. Those may include construction details that are more expensive or time consuming than alternate, less expensive options. All of which will make for a smoother, less stressful construction project.
Benefits Include:
  • A reduction in Request for Information (RFI) during the bidding process
  • Fewer change orders during construction because of design omissions or errors
  • A savings in construction administration time dealing with conflicts and change orders
  • Fewer costly addendums which can delay projects
  • Fewer field issues requiring meetings and SK drawings

Payback from this service is often seen many times over based on the time savings from the above benefits.

Owner's Representation/Project Coordination

Jobin Construction Consultants, LLC provides owner representation in all phases of the construction project. When brought in early enough we are able to guide our clients through the design, budgeting, and pre-construction phase, right through the contractor selection process and physical construction of the project. Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge and guidance they’ll need to make good decisions throughout the project. While some of these services are provided from a construction manager, we provide complete representation so that our clients can continue with their normal business activities with the peace of mind that we will keep them informed of project activities. We do this by monitoring the construction progress to determine if the work being performed is consistent with plans, specifications, budget, schedules, and contracts. We do not work to drive the cost up, but to ensure that the entire project team is working in conjunction to meet the client’s needs. In all cases, our involvement will provide the client with the added protection that will be repaid several times over during the project by minimizing costly issues and delays caused by poor management.
Services Include:
  • Provide budgeting and cost controls
  • Ensure project design and construction stays within established budget and schedule
  • Take part in contractor negotiations and contract review
  • Maintain a line of communication with all members of the project design, finance and construction team
  • Keep the project moving forward and all parties working together
  • Oversee and report on all activities including design, construction, and sub-contractors
  • Conduct field inspections and provide reports to owner
  • Review contracts, change orders, and other construction documentation for accuracy and compliance with contract documents

Value Engineering

A common question by owners is, "what is Value Engineering?" Some believe this is simply reducing the scope of a project or building using cheaper materials. While those are options to save money, real value engineering is defined as increasing value by lower costs. It is accomplished by dissecting your project and determining alternative methods and means to put the project together that is less expensive while maintaining functionality. Studying ways to complete the project more quickly and efficiently, sourcing local materials and labor, simplifying the constructability are just a few areas investigated to increase value and lower costs. While it is never too late to perform value engineering, the earlier in a project these studies are completed, these more value is returned with minimal to no project disruption.
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