Owner Project Management

Request for Proposals

We will draft and lead the solicitation of proposals for team members needed for your project. It is important to provide clear, concise, and complete information when obtaining bids and proposals from vendors ensuring there are no gaps in the scope of work. We will receive, evaluate, and compile these bids ultimately providing you with a clear recommendation for selection. We will then lead the charge with contract negotiations to ensure your interests are protected.

Construction Inspections

We conduct frequent site visits throughout the project. These on site construction inspections are critical to maintain project scheduling, quality control, cost control, and adherence to the plans and specifications. These aspects of the project cannot be managed without a "boots on the ground" effort. Maintaining an active site presence, meeting with site supervisors, reviewing progress first hand is the most effective way to prevent a poor quality product, cost overruns, and project delays.

Progress Payment Reviews/Construction Monitoring

We provide progress inspections and construction monitoring services for owners and lenders to protect their interests in the project. This service includes reviews of all construction contracts, budgets, plans and specifications, and periodic inspections of construction progress. We also handle the administration of mechanic lien waivers, and provide recommendations on disbursement. This is specifically designed to ensure that any payments made in a progress billing are equal to the amount of work found in place at the construction site. We work to ensure that there is enough money in the budget to provide a complete project as outlined in the construction documents. We also work hard to protect our client against “front loading” of a construction payment application, and contractors who do not pay forward to their vendors and sub-contractors. Maintaining a smooth payment flow is key to ensuring a successful construction project.
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